LDAP Group Members Not Visible To Spark User

Problem is that Spark users neither see their group name nor their fellow group members.

OpenFire 3.5.0 with Sun LDAP and MS SQL server combined with Spark 3.5.8

Spark users can login using their LDAP credentials Ok.

Spark search works Ok and users can search and add other users as contacts.

In OpenFire admin console under Server, Server Settings, Profile Settings, Edit ; LDAP Server connection setttings are Ok, User Mapping is Ok, Group Mapping is Ok, Test Settings shows groups with member totals.

In Openfire admin console under Users/Groups; groups are visible, groups have member count, group members are visible.

Relevant bit of openfire.xml:








<groupSearchFilter>(&(cn=)(businessCategory=OpenFireGroup))</groupSearchFilter> <searchFilter>(&(uid=)(OpenFireUser=True))</searchFilter>


Stuck with this one can you help?

Thanks Ajs

Did you share the groups under the Users/Groups tab? You need to enable group sharing for each group you want to see in the rosters, and give them a Share name.

As suggested when the group was shared this solved the problem.

Useful comment and appreciated, thanks.