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LDAP group membership is none

I have no idea how it ended up in Openfire Dev. I swear I chose Openfire support. Can mods move this thread?

Openfire 3.3.2, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Active Directory, Asterisk IM.

I was able to successfully to connect to our AD and Openfire imported all of the users and groups. All of the imported users belong to one or more groups. Here is the issue:

userA belongs to groupA (verified in Active Directory). Both userA and groupA have been imported to Openfire

I click on userA under Users/Groups tab, the very last property of userA says Groups: None

If I click on a Group Summary, and then on groupA name, under Members of this Group, I see userA.

Most of the users have the groups property reporting correctly. Meaning, if I click on a user, I will see Groups: groupA, groupB, etc.

Out of 20 users, 4 show None in the group property.

In Spark, these 4 users are displayed correctly, in the groups they belong to.

I’ve tried removing the group membership in AD, and restarting Openfire, but that didn’t help.