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LDAP Group search problem

hi, all. I have installed jive2.3.1 and ldap server(sunOne 5.2).i want to authenticate user with LDAP and get group information from ldap.

now , authentication is ok,but i can not get any information about group…

who can tell me the reason?


password true <![CDATA[
<vCard xmlns=’‘vcard-temp’’>

Ste 500
317 SW Alder St

uid: home: shell:


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Lets start with the obvious, do you have this in your provider list?

yes, i have it.

Is your authentication and everything else working OK?

You just can’'t see groups?

Have you enabled debugging on LDAP and server debugging?

No, you don’'t have it[/b] – you only have the User, Auth, and Vcard providers enabled. You need to enable the Group provider. Do what bstapleton[/i] said and add this to your provider section:


thanks very much!!!