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LDAP Group Tree in Roster

Hello communnity

I’'m ussing Wildfire 2.4.0, the authentication works well with OpenLDAP, but i need to implement a shared roster using the LDAP tree structure, example



  • ou=Group1

++ ou=SubGroup1

+++ ou=SubSubGroup1

++++ ui=wilfred_com

++++ ui=user2

+++ ou=SubSubGroup2

++++ ui=user3

++ ou=OtherSubGroup

+++ ou=OtherSubSubGroup


What i need is for example the user wilfred_com can view in his roster the same tree (obiusly without them).

Is that possible?

How to do?

That’'d sure be nice.

For my part, I’'d be glad of any pointers to threads where use of LDAP groups has been hammered out.

My biggest pain is client choice. I can’'t even test Spark well until the concurrent execution problem (terminal services) is solved.