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LDAP groups (Active Directory)

I just got the new Jive messenger 2.2 installed this morning. I setup the config file to search our Active Directory for groups and–it works! I have been waiting for this feature to hit an offical release and it’‘s finally here. Thanks! I have some questions, though. It seems to only query the groups when the server starts, then that’'s it. With regular Jive Messenger groups, I could add / remove / update / delete groups and their users on the fly and the client would pick up the changes immediately. When using LDAP groups, I have to restart the server for the changes to be updated on the server and to the clients when making changes to the LDAP groups and their users.

Part of using LDAP groups is to of course use LDAP to establish what groups you have and who is in them. Just for kicks, though, I tried to delete and add users to groups on the Jive admin page. You would see them remove or add there, but it didn’'t update the clients. This is good as I want the LDAP groups to dictate what they see, but it would be nice to always have the Group management page reflect what is really going on. If I restart the server, it repopulates the groups according to what it sees in LDAP. Again, this is good, but it would be nice for changes in the Jive admin interface to reflect the groups setup in LDAP. Even if there was just some refresh button on the interface to push after making changes in LDAP, that would be great. Also, make it not show changes you make to groups (namely such as adding / removing users) if you do them in the admin interface when groups are controled by LDAP.

Thanks for 2.2!

Hey Swad,

Is your problem similar to the one reported in this other thread? http://www.jivesoftware.org/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=15284&tstart=0.


– Gato

Actually, yes–very similar to the OP. I’'ll keep tracking that thread.