LDAP groups display but no members except 1 group

I am using the following group filter with AD on port 3268

(&(objectClass=group)(memberOf=CN=IM Users,OU=Groups,OU=Mainville,DC=domainb,DC=domaina,DC=net))

The groups all show up that I put into the group ‘IM Users’. Only one group out of the four I have put in IM Users group displays any members. I also tried this filter (both of these I got from a previous post):

(&(objectClass=group)(memberOf=CN=IM Users,OU=Groups,OU=Bremen,DC=red,DC=rootlinka,DC=net)(member={0}))

But that filter would not display the groups at all. I could not find out what the {0} was though adding that on the end of my user filter did the trick.

Anything to try would be much appreciated I have run out of idea although I just started using Openfire a few days ago.

I do not understand the structure you are describing. What do you mean “Only one group out of the four I have put in IM Users group displays any members.”? Openfire does not support nested groups. For groups to show users the group membership must be defined by users as members not groups. Is IM Users a LDAP group or is it an OU?

That may answer it then. IM Users is a group and I have put other groups in that group. So what I would want to do is create an OU and then put groups that we want published in that OU. Then modify my filter so that it points to the OU and not to a group with groups in it.

Still a no go. Getting same results in that only one of my groups shows members. This is the filter I am now using:

(&(objectClass=group)(description=Instant Message*))

The other groups show up but they show that there are no members in them even though the AD groups do have a couple of users in them.

I looked at those groups who showed zero members with an ldap viewer. Sure enough there were no “members” listed. I changed the group to be a Universal Group and then the members showed up in ldap properties. That fixed my issue.

For anyone else what I ended up doing was using a group filter that looks at a group that has groups in it. Any group in that group shows up in Openfire groups. I edited the names but here is my filter:

(&(objectClass=group)(memberOf=CN=IM Groups,OU=IM Access,OU=Universal OUs,DC=domainB,DC=domainA,DC=net))