LDAP Groups

I have setup user accounts and groups with ldap. I login into the admin console, and I can see the users and groups, under user and group summary.

When I click on the groups it shows the users in that group, however when I click on individual users it shows them not being a member of any group, i.e. “none”.

I am on wildfire 3.1.0 and Im using openldap.

Hey ysaberi,

Sounds like a setup issue. BTW, if at all possible try updating to the latest (and greatest) Wildfire version.

Could you paste your LDAP setup (contained in conf/wildfire.xml) so we can check it out? Remember to replace sensitive information (e.g. passwords) with dummy data. BTW, do you see any error in the log files? Have you tried enabling the debug log to collect more information?


– Gato