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LDAP Groups


I installed openfire 3.3.1 on a debian-server, created MYSQL and LDAP connections. I configured the LDAP access to get the users and 2 groups. During the setup the webconfiguration tools gets both groups from the LDAP server (I pressed “test settings”) but when I try to manage both groups in the “group configuration”-screen it tells me that 2 groups exist but none of them is shown in the list below.

I think that there is a problem with the groupnames because both of the names are like:

“ALL_USERS (123456789)”

The last time I installed openfire I accidently got the wrong group which name was just “IT” and this group was shown in the “group configuration”-screen mentioned above.

Is there any possibility to get openfire web admin tool to display the names of the 2 groups with the “(123457898)”? or is there any way around it to manage the group visibility?

Thanks in advance


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I am not exeactly sure what you are trying to do, but LDAP is read only and the Openfire server can not modify the groups (other than to show them in spark or not). As for the groups not showing in the list I would question the confguration of the server. Is the OU structure correct for the groups? Do the users show in their list?

I only want to import groups from Open_LDAP into openfire and then I want to share the users of the groups to users of other groups. I don’'t want to change any of the groups permanently in the LDAP.

The users are imported - that means that I can see them in the openfire user management and it seems that the groups are also imported but the openfire management website does not show them to me so I can edit groups (the openfire group).