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LDAP Groups


We are authenticating and populating the roster via LDAP against our Active Directory. Some of our groups are not displaying all of the users in that particular group. Any ideas? Some groups I only get maybe 35% of the users and another group that should have 100 users only has one in openfire. Also which works best, Security Group or Distro?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry - In addition - We have a group called “Indy Staff” inside that group is another group called “CCS” will openfire not pick up the users of the subgroup?

Also will add that if I view the user - it shows the correct group - but when I view the group - the user is not listed.


I have a similar problem and i solve it in restrict the group i request for in openfire. But now, i have another problem, afther i change the name of the group in the console, if i stop and restart my openfire server, i loose my groups !!.

I verify my ldap request, it is ok and give me back my groups but i can’t see them on the console.

Can you help me ?


hi Nathen

i have also seen the same issue. then i searched AD and i found that if a user has any group as primary group then that user is not listed in that group in openfire. i am not sure how it is happening but i found it. so if you remove from primary group you can get the user in that group. may be this can help you.

Yes, it is! I have same problem, and Your council helped me to solve a problem. Thanks!!!