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LDAP Groups

I have recently configured OpenFire to use an LDAP server for authentication. I am able to login with my creditials without problem and the overall users list appears as I would expect. However, there are two problems with the Groups. First, not only are there LDAP groups shown in the group listing, but also every LDAP user is shown as well. Why are users and groups shown in this listing rather than groups alone? The users listing appears normal with no groups listed.

Second, those entries which are proper groups, none of them is shown having any users. However, in LDAP, those groups contain multiple uniqueMember entries with the correct values. So, the users and groups are all listed, but there are no connections between the two. It’s apparent that OpenFire is picking up some of the information in LDAP, but not fully connecting all the dots. Are there specific fields that I must have defined as a part of the LDAP entries for this to work?



Sorry for the question. It was a simple misconfiguration in LDAP. What I thought was in LDAP was different than what was really there. I see the groups populated with the correct members now. I also see that I can restrict the groups returned with the Group Filter. By default, all users and all groups have an LDAP cn defined. I am not LDAP savvy and am trying to figure out the appropriate filter that will only return groups. Does anyone know of a quick way to do this? Thanks.

Sorry once last time. I’ll quit spamming your board now. All I needed was (!(objectClass=person)).