LDAP Guide Typo


I had issues trying to setup ActiveDirectory auth. I think I traced them to these lines from the LDAP Guide

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/ldap-gui de.html

he base DN describes where to load users and groups. If you’re using a default Active Directory setup, all user accounts and groups are located in the “Users” folder under your domain. In LDAP form, that’s cn=Users;dc=<Your Domain>. To get more specific, say your domain is activedirectory.jivesoftware.com. In that case, your base DN would be cn=Users;dc=activedirectory,dc=jivesoftware,dc=com. If you’ve customized where users are stored, you’ll just need to replicate that folder structure using LDAP syntax.

Note the semicolon after cn=Users. I’m not an ActiveDirectory or LDAP expert by any measure but I think those should be commas. To be honest, I wasn’t 100% scientific in my research.

Can anyone else verify?

Hello spt5007,

I think the documentation is correct, since it worked for me as is. Note there is a semi-colon after cn=Users, only in the Base DN field. for the Administrative account, they are all commas.

Hi there i had some problems too, so for the Active Directory in the Base DN

you do something like that

let’s say that youre domain is microsoft.com

and you want that all the groups and users will be on the server and will login to the client with the Active Directory user account

so in the BaseDN secction you write dc=microsoft,dc=com

with the “,” to

dont forget to put the Active Directory IP adress to

and it will work