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LDAP help ! pLZ :)

hello ya’ll ,

im trying to Install and sync open fire with my AD.

i’ve configured the application like it showed on the “ldap how-to” document.

but still…i’m unable to use this feture.

the configuration that i’ve used:

server type: AD

host: main dc ip address

Base dn = cn=Sky_Users,DC=skyk,DC=local

administration dn= cn=Sky_Users,cn=username,DC=skylock,DC=local

for testing i’m using my owen user and password and i’m keep geting “Unable to authenticate with the ldap server” (or something like that).

thank’s -A-hed

This line : cn=Sky_Users,cn=username,DC=skylock,DC=local should be :


You have username and the Group Sky_users turned around…

hey man.

thanks for the fast answer.

but i’m still having the same problem.

this time i’ve attached screen shoots.

thanks again …

this document will help you: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1554

Also you need to change your baseDN: ou=Sky_Users,DC=skyk,DC=local

and change your adminDN: cn=username,ou=Sky_Users,DC=skylock,DC=local

Thank u too.

but still…it didn’t work…

i have modified the configuration according to you’re update and still nothing.


i’ve changed ON my DC the user group so it want have underline in the group name.

please post a picture of your ad tree from the MMC called Active Directory Users and Computers. This will help me see what your reall tree looks like. Expand the areas that will be needed for Openfire. Be sure to edit the domain name for security. See this example ( a highly refined tree, specifically built with LDAP in mind):



i’ve attached a Pic of my AD .

best regards,


Never maind !!! i think i did it!!!

thanks y’all !!!

That’s a great document, but as it states, only for Openfire 3.5.x and below. Is there something similar for 3.6+?

What was your breakthrough?