LDAP Integration - Client "nickname" not displaying what I want

Good Day,

I’m having an issue where I have setup LDAD connectivity in OpenFire with my Windows '03 AD server. Groups and everything is pulling in fine but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to change the actual Nickname and how it displays in the client.

At first we were using Spark and now are using Pidgin and the both are doing the same thing. As far as I’m aware I am using the default vcard mapping xml but have posted it just in case.

<vCard xmlns="vcard-temp"><N><FAMILY>{sn}</FAMILY><GIVEN>{givenName}</GIVEN></N><EMAIL><INTERNET/><USERID>{mail}</USERID></EMAIL><FN>{displayName}</FN><NICKNAME>{displayName}</NICKNAME><PHOTO><TYPE>image/jpeg</TYPE><BINVAL>{jpegPhoto}</BINVAL></PHOTO><ADR><HOME/><STREET>{homePostalAddress}</STREET></ADR><ADR><WORK/><STREET>{postOfficeBox}</STREET><LOCALITY>{l}</LOCALITY><REGION>{st}</REGION><PCODE>{postalCode}</PCODE><CTRY>{c}</CTRY></ADR><TEL><HOME/><VOICE/><NUMBER>{homePhone}</NUMBER></TEL><TEL><WORK/><VOICE/><NUMBER>{telephoneNumber}</NUMBER></TEL><TEL><WORK/><CELL/><NUMBER>{mobile}</NUMBER></TEL><TEL><WORK/><PAGER/><NUMBER>{pager}</NUMBER></TEL><TEL><WORK/><FAX/><NUMBER>{facsimileTelephoneNumber}</NUMBER></TEL><TITLE>{title}</TITLE><URL>{wWWHomePage}</URL><ORG><ORGNAME>{company}</ORGNAME><ORGUNIT>{department}</ORGUNIT></ORG></vCard>

Also, in my system properties on the admin panel I have these settings:

ldap.nameField = displayName

In active directory I have the display name set as “FirstName LastName Extension” (e.g. Joe Smith 4321)

I would like all users extension to show in the shared groups next to their name in either clients.

I have tried deleting the users local buddy list files and re-logging in so that it re-creates it and that doesn’t seem to work.

the ldap.namefield used to be set to “cn” (no quotes). My LDAP logging has been enabled and it doesn’t show any errors (or anything) in logs/debug.log

Lastly, is it possible to have multiple values for a property? Example for “ldap.nameField” property could it be ldap.NameField = cn ipPhone or no?

Thank you for any assistance as this has been driving me crazy for weeks and I’ve just given up and am now asking for support.


Hmmm…well my ldap.nameField = cn.

My vcard mapping doesn’t have , but it does have and that field is what shows in Spark as the user’s username. So for our setup the is set to {displayName} which is really {givenName} + {sn} (aka: John Doe). The is set to {givenName} and only seems to really be used when my users are responding to Fastpath chat requests. Our is set to {givenName} so that Fastpath chat requesters only see our users’ first name.

As to your last question, I don’t know, but I like that idea. I might try adding the users ext to the field so we don’t have to refer to our internal phone lookup.

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klinstifen: It seems that it just suddenly started working. I left the as displayName over night and when users logged in this morning it show my first+last+extension which was great.

However, it’s not so great on an Exchange system.

To test the above I went into AD and set “Display Name” as my first + last + extension and now when I send emails that’s how it shows in the “From” section. Kind of lame. Didn’t even think about it, really.

So now, hopefully there’s a way to have multiple mappings per field. I will give that a shot and see what happens so for the field I’ll change that to {displayName}{ipPhone} and leave it over night to see what happens.

Can anyone out there verify if this will work or offer suggestions (pre-emptively) if this doesn’t work?

Thank you!

-Mike E

Edit: Ok I’m an idiot that I didn’t think about this earlier. What I’m going to do instead of worry about having two mappings {displayName}{ipPhone} in one field I’m just going to use an empty option (the “Description:” section, we don’t use it) in Active Directory to put the users full name and extension and then map {description} in the Field.

Will let you know how that goes.

Hi Mike,

You can have multiple fileds in the AD mappings. For example we use:

{sn}, {givenname} - {telephoneNumber}

For the name filed. I am talking about the ones set with in Openfire Admin console under the Server > Server Settings > Profile Settings . This returns Lastname, Firstname - Phone number, Just make sure to enclose all your AD fields inside { } everything outside of these brakets are interpreted as literals.