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LDAP issue

I setup my base DN and administrator DN successfully, however when I run the test in ‘‘User Mapping’’ it fails to generate a random profile out of the appropriate AD container (called ‘‘MCG_Employees’’). My administrator account is in the ‘‘users’’ OU while the base DN is pointed to the ‘‘MCG_Employees’’ OU. If I change the Base DN to the container with the administrator account (’‘users’’), it will generate the random profiles, but that does me no good if the users aren’‘t in that OU. I have tried using an administrator’'s account within ‘‘MCG_Employees’’ OU, but it fails. The only difference between the two containers is that MCG_Employees contains ‘‘contacts’’ objects and the ‘‘users’’ OU simply users and groups. Another difference is that I have a GPO linked to the ‘‘MCG_Employees’’ OU.

Any ideas? Thanks so much!