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LDAP - JabberID works as Account @ Server Name but not as Account @ Domain

Hi all,

I’‘m hoping this is simple enough. I’‘ve installed the Jive Server on a member server in my AD Forest. I’‘ve setup the server to use LDAP, and query my primary domain controller. That works fine. I’'m able to log into a PSI client and use the Jabber service with no errors or problems.

My main issue is that the only way I can interact with individuals at all on this system is if I specify the accounts (including my own) in the Account @ Machine Name format. I cannot successfully use the Account @ Domain Name format.

Any ideas?

I created an alias to my machine name (im.mydomain.com) - changed the server name (in Jive Messenger) to im.mydomain.com and then created an SSL cert for im.mydomain.com.

Hope that helps.