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Ldap madness - username

I’ve successfully configured Openfire to use our LDAP. I have no control over the LDAP instance, my company has about 15,000 people. The LDAP vendor etc is unknown to me. The data is not in AD, the fields don’t match.

Fields, the 6 character ID has NOTHING to do with the person:




So… To encourage something meaningful to be seen on the IM client, I setup the LDAP backend in Openfire with this:


In Pidgin, I can do a user search. Search for John.Hancock and add that user. The user shows up as fz7y54@im.example.com. Unless I manually give aliases to everyone, they show up in this non-meaningful way.

In Kopete, I can’t do a user search. But if I add fzy54@im.example.com… It adds… and a few seconds later Kopete updates from a query to OpenFire and hence LDAP. The new displayed name is "John.Hancock@example.com"… GREAT! But Kopete won’t search and it has poor Room support.

All other IM clients I’ve found (like Spark), display the fz7y54@imexample.com in the buddy list. I’m sure this is correct.

Now I wonder how to make my desired display name show up. fz7y54 bad but our login. John.Hancock good, but just another field.

Thanks for any help, please let me know if it can’t be done.