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LDAP, multi-domain search question

Well, I have a global domain ukraine.loc and sub-domains co.ukraine.loc and ck.ukraine.loc. Every sub-domain has its wildfire server installed. LDAP connectivity is used. Is it possible for users in the first sub-domain (ck.ukraine.loc) to search users from the second sub-domain (co.ukraine.loc)?

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it’‘s very hard for me to guess whether it will work or not. I’'m not using LDAP.

It should work, as remote servers usually don’'t know about much about another server. Did you activate server2server connections? If you did it should be no problem for user X@ck.ukraine.loc to use search.co.ukraine.loc and search users…

If you want to use conferencing you may need to setup DNS names for conference.ck.ukraine.loc and conference.uk.ukraine.loc if you didn’'t set them up yet.