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Ldap Name field configuration

Hello everyone,

I use Widlfire for quite a time now and I am really happy with it.

I am planning to change the user authentification from standard to active directory/ldap.

Everything works fine. Though before we use to have a nameField configured like this : Mr X - 1156

The number will would be his internal phone number.

Does anyone know a way to concatenate data in a LDAP request ?

name&[4 last digit of telephoneNumber]</nameField

I had a similar setup and it would be realy nice if somebody can tell us if this is possible. It would make a nice feature for future versions if it’'s not implemented rigth now.

Thanks in advance

LDAP doesn’‘t work like that, and Wildfire doesn’'t support this. It does, however, support pulling “vcard” data from LDAP/AD and sending to the client. IMO, the best place for this type of data display would be on the client side.

If the user information is being pulled from LDAP (active directory in our case), can the user change their nick name, we havent found how to do that in spark…

I’‘m pretty sure all LDAP functionality in the Openfire server is read-only. So, the answer to your question is No, there’'s no way to update your vcard info in LDAP/AD from the client.