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LDAP not working after change to Wildfire

I’‘ve had Jive running successfully against my LDAP server for the past 2 weeks. I upgraded to Wildfire this morning, and now my config isn’‘t working. Any ideas? I’'ve posted my config (with obvious changes) below.



Never mind…without my coffee, if forgot to search the forums…

BTW - great help on setting up the LDAP stuff from all the rest. You guys rock!


Do you get it working or not?

I also have that problem but don’'t know how to solve it. Let me know if you have the solution.


See the announce thread (http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=16989&tstart=0) where I’‘ve got info on what you need to change. Let me know if that doesn’'t work for you.

Check out the discussion here (http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=108906&#108906). They’'ve got the right answer.

Hope it works