LDAP over SSL slowness

In our environment, we use LDAP (ActiveDirectory) for authentication with SSL enabled. When trying to open a group to enable publishing, it literally can take 30-40 minutes before the group properties are displayed. When I disable LDAP/SSL, then it opens the group in under a minute. I’m venturing to guess the number of groups in our domain is part of the issue (approx 5300 groups), but I’m wondering if this behavior should be considered a bug in the OpenFire LDAP provider.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue and is there any know work around besides disabling LDAP over SSL?

Thank you.

Charles Latham

Systems Administrator

Having the same issue here over port 636 on Fedora box. Hosting our openfire server on a cloud and need secure traffic. When going into the user/groups section it immediately slows down. In fact, by the time I enter a group to make it shareable, the browser times out.

Anyone know why this is?