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LDAP problem with the administrator user

Sorry budies, I am a new user of the Active Directory & LDAP services, and i’m having the problem:

I configure everything as his default value, except for the conection parameters, such as DB, USER and PWD of my mysql, an DN an CN of my domain, but still i can manage to the OPENFIRE SETUP take me som user as the administrator, i’ve try to put a user in the domain root, in the OU, in the Users Folder, and can’t manage that yet, i manage to take all the users and they can connect via SPARK, but i cannot do administrative task, because he doesn’t take any users from the active directory as administartor

I forgot to say:

My AD it was settign up in this order:

  • Active directory

  • domain.local (the domain)

  • Something

  • Something

  • Users

  • OU 1

  • OU 2

so, in the configuration of the openfire server i wrote on the base DN : cn=Users, dc=domain, dc=local

i realy need some help, i order to not get fired…!!!1

unless all your users are in the default container Users, you should not set that as the baseDN. Try relaxing this to dc=domain, dc=local. Additionally refer to this doc: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1554

Thanks, but i’m having the same problem, when i pass to the next screen in USER MAPPING, when i hit the TEst button, the same error appears, and error relative to the users Field Name, search Fields or user filters

It would really be helpful to see screen shots of what you are entering at each screen. We do not need the verification screens.

i’m sending you the screens,