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LDAP Problem

I know this is probably painfully obvious but I got LDAP/AD working without any problems and it very nicely loads all of my users. If I created a seperate OU for all users that need openfire that would also be really simple.

Unfortunately I can’t create an OU for Jabber users I need to create a group. So I created a group called jabber. The issue now is I only want those people that are a member of the group jabber to actually be able to connect and be loaded from the AD. How do I do this. Where do I enter this information and can anybody help me with what the LDAP query in this case should be?


You simply need to set your filter for the login to something only users of this group have…aka the groupmembership (however this field is exactly called) = jabber.

As per my original question where do I enter this filter? As well if anybody happens to have th filter handy that would obviously save me some time.

Sorry was a bit in a hurry yesterday…

Via Webmanagement:

-> Profile Settings - Directory Server -> Step 2: User mapping -> Advanced

User filter:

if its just everyone belonging to the group jabber you need:


You have to check how exactly that field is named, as I don’t know right now. should be “memberof” or something like that.