LDAP Problems

Hello everyone,

Right now I’m trying to setup the Openfire Chatserver. It seems everything is working properly except one detail. I can’t manage the contact list how i would like to do it. Right now I can share our AD groups to all users. But some users are in 2 or 3 groups, and they are shown 2 or 3 times in contact list 2. Is there any way to sort the AD users with the “department” tag ?
Example: All users with department “IT” should be shown in the group “IT” All users with department “Sales” should be shown in the group “Sales”.

Can i create these groups locally without any replication to the AD ?



I don’t think it is possible to add AD users to local groups (shouldn’t even be possible to create local groups when using LDAP integration).

Is there no way to create contact list groups for Users from department “IT” . I want to show all users with attribute department “IT” in a group. The next groupt should contaiin all users with attribute “Sales” and so on…

I cannot get this working sry for bad english.


As i’ve said already, you can’t group users or use tags or department information to group them. Just the AD groups. You can create AD groups for this and pull just them with Openfire, then add users to those groups. Like that: How to Setup Authentication Groups with LDAP/AD