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LDAP + SearchFilter + authentication

Hi all,

Im having some troubles to configure my openfire 3.4.1 to use OUs in LDAP.

I had this structure:

OU 1: user A

OU 2: user B

Users: Spark (group who will have all users with permission to use Spark): user A, user B

I tried to use some searchfilters, but none works.

In my BaseDN i have this: <baseDN>CN=Users,DC=titan,DC=local</baseDN> (all other configurations are set to default)

What i want is set the Spark group to have permission to use spark, this Spark group is located in users (AD root) and users (within that) located in OUs (OU 1 and OU 2 in my example)

What do i use in searchfilter option? or if i create one group in every OU this will be more simple?

Please, i know this is a very discussed subject, but im lost here and need all possible help.

Thanks in advance !!!