LDAP User can log on but has blank buddy list, used to work

I have an LDAP user here that has had nothing on their AD profile change… all the groups they are in are the same, but out of nowhere her account stopped working 2 weeks ago. I had to reinstall the client on her computer (pidgin) and now we can get her logged back in but her buddy list is completely blank. I go into the account and SEARCH for users and it finds everyone in the AD tree just fine. I can even add them to my buddy list (but under their name it say’s Unauthorized User. I can message them, they get the message on their client, but as soon as they reply it shows the sender as being offline and the sender never gets the reply. It never shows the recipient as being valid or online on the user’s machine.

Any ideas as to what this could be or how I could fix it?

It is not easy to delete and re-create her user in AD… it has exchange tied to it and it’s scary to think of accidentally deleting her exchange profile (which is what happened last time we deleted a user in AD trying to fix another problem).

Thanks so much for any help / advice,


Just for testing I did delete and re-create her user in AD thinking this would fix it… a copy of her user works perfectly…

No go, still the exact same problem…

How can I reset her profile on openfire if it is LDAP? There must be something on the server that is cached / saved under her profile that is causing this…

I just tried the SPARK client as well and it has the exact same issue, logs her in fine and and displays a blank friend’s list… can’t add anyone to the list either.