LDAP User gets user disabled error

We have a good sized active directory here at our business… around 100 users total. Everyone can get on openfire just fine except for one person. Her account / profile worked perfectly until about two weeks ago. Our openfire server went down for whatever reason, we reset it and ever since she can’t log in. Using pidgin she logs in and gets “user account disabled” as the error message in the main pidgin window.

Doesn’t appear to do anything in the error.log or warn.log from what I can tell…

Any ideas? We have set up another installation of openfire using a duplicate active directory server, an exact clone. Same issue, everyone else’s account can connect without issue, her account gets the “user disabled” error…

Is this something in Active Directory? What could be causing this?!

On the opefire admin panel everything on her account looks normal, exactly the same as everyone else’s from here “group” in active directory.

Thanks for any and all help,