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LDAP vCard Mapping / Spark


i have got a question:

Ive got openfire on win 2k12r2 with ldap /active directory connection. All is perfect, but i cant see any information about users in spark.

I try all, but i cant get information …



<![CDATA[ {cn} {mail} {displayName} image/jpeg {jpegPhoto} {homePostalAddress} {homeZip} {co} {streetAddress} {l} {st} {postalCode} {co} {homePhone} {mobile} {telephoneNumber} {mobile} {facsimileTelephoneNumber} {pager} {title} {department} ]]>
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Somebody an idea? Must I switch on something? Or must I activate something? What must I do?

Still same problem, i cant get information from my Active directory. If i look at the smack log to debug this, i see this, if i update profil informations from user xyz:

raw sent

raw received

But user xyz got a telephon number, mail, name … i dont see anthying some ideas please?