LDAP vCard question - Combining Multiple fields...?

Does any one know the format I can use to combine LDAP fields in the same vCard field.

For example:

The syntax you used in your example should work. Is it not?



Nope its blank in the vCard and the debug log shows:

2006.10.30 00:14:47 No ldap value found for attribute ‘‘department}{physicalDeliveryOfficeName’’

2006.10.30 00:14:47 Ldap attribute ‘‘department}{physicalDeliveryOfficeName’’=>’’’’

Let me know if I can provide you with more log info.

Hey Bill,

Thanks for the bug report. I filled the issue as JM-885 and narrowed down the root of the problem. Tomorrow I will test and check in the fix. Unfortunately I don’'t see any manual workaround for this problem. The bug fix will be available in the next nightly build version after I check it in.


– Gato