LDAP & Workgroups ( fastpath )

Our company uses Active Directory to authenticate users and create groups that automatically appear with Spark buddy lists. Came across the fastpath plugin, and couldnt see a way to add the workgroup to the buddylist within spark automatically. IE I have to add the workgroup as a contact, but it would be nice to have this up on everyones buddy list without having to add manually.

Any suggestions?


anyone ?

hmm, does anyone read these forums?

If you are a member of a fastpath workgroup that is completely configured then the next login to spark will add a new tab to the bottom of your roster window (beside contacs and conferences). This is to be used in conjunction with the Spark Webchat for Fastpath plugin (previously enterprise only, but now open source). This will allow anyone to converse with your employees regardless of whether they have an account on your server or not.

Right the Fastpath button does appear for an agent, but I’m speaking strictly about standard users. IE so when Jane in accounting logs on, we want her to be able to see helpdesk@workgroup.sample.com on her contact list. That way, when the HelpDesk people are logged in Jane will see the HelpDesk user/workgroup online and can message them. It would be a convience if we didnt have to add the workgroup user manually to the contact list.

Fastpath is intended to be used via the webchat plugin, from what i read. That user is a virtual user that is really a workgroup and a series of queues potentially. What you are trying to do is not really the intended method of use. This is why you have to do what your are attempting in a very manual process.