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LdapGroup issue

Could you please advise/help me with correctly configuration of openldap in openfire, exactly with part “Group Mapping”?
OpenFire partli work correctly. Users are show properly and clients can via pidgin join to chat.
Problem is with group configuration. When i use link http://xxxx:9090/group-summary.jsp are there show all users with groups together(only groups should be)
My ldap structure is:
for users: ou=People,dc=katkinpark,dc=intra
for groups: ou=Groups,dc=katkinpark,dc=intra

Configuration of LDAP in Openfire:
LDAP Settings
Host: tmx2000.katkinpark.intra
Port: 636
Base DN: dc=katkinpark,dc=intra
Administrator DN: cn=ldapadm,dc=katkinpark,dc=intra