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LdapManager JID encoding problem with username containing @ character

I’ve encountered a bug in LdapManager when using @ character in usernames.

My configuration is:

  •     Openfire 3.6.0a
  •      OpenLdap 2.4.11
  •      XMPP domain set to **wi065007**
  •      Usernames are like **xxx@yyy**

With this configuration, using Spark and other XMPP clients, JIDs are encoded to xxx\40yyy@wi065007/Spark and I’m able to login and chat correctly.

But in User Summary view (within OpenFire web administration console) I can’t see any user and the integrated search plugin is not working.

The problem seems related to **retrieveList **method in the **LdapManager **class because the returned username list is not encoded.

For example, searching for the xxx* user, the returned username is xxx@yyy instead of xxx\40yyy.

I’ve fixed this problem forcing a call to JID.escapeNode(result) for each item of the returned list.

Now we just need to get somebody at ignite to do something with the patch. I would not hold your breath waiting though.

OF-119 , are these issues still valid?