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LdapSearch Plugin

LdapSearch plugin is a replacement for the Search plugin bundled with Openfire for users of LDAP. Sponsored by Interwise, Inc., this plugin provides more advanced search features, including searching any individual fields in LDAP.

More up to date information and downloads available at http://svn.slushpupie.com/twiki/bin/view/Main/Openfireplugins

For some reason, when I search I always get 3 duplicate results back? Also, search by “name” doesn’t work for me.

I’m having the same problem, returns 3 duplicate results per search.

Also, I think the problem with the name search is the field its searching, and the way it is viewing the contents.

Say I have the following users:

John Smith

John A. Smith

If I search for John, it returns all with first name of “John”, but if I try “Smith”, returns nothing, but if I use “John Smith”, returns only “John Smith” and not “John A. Smith”.

Now, if I use “**Smith”, I get both users. Or “**S” will return every user with “S” in their name.

This is fine, if the users know to do this. But it would be better to have it search using the data entered as though it was entered with the “*” every time.



Windows 2000

Active Directory

Openfire 3.4.1

Spark 2.5.7

I’m having a problem using this with version 3.4.4.

Has this been tested?

There is a workaround for the search…

Instead of using the “*” to search by Surname like “*Surname”…

you have to modify the “ldap.searchFields” from the server properties…

This way you will be able to search by Smith (from the example above)…

Add the string below for the “ldap.searchFields”:


(For AD 2003)

you will have the Surname as a separate search field. On the Spark client though it will appear as an empty checkbox… but it is working.

It is working on OpenFire 3.6.0/3.6.1/3.6.2 with spark 2.5.8.

From the “username/uid” I see that this is not M$ AD… I would tripple check (if I were you ) the exact LDAP schema for the values you need to reference?

Where is the LDAP Search Plugin for OpenFire? I can’t access the SVN link from http://svn.slushpupie.com/twiki/bin/view/Main/Openfireplugins. There is a mirror instead? Can someone please share the sources or Jar file in a new address? Thanks!

Hi - sorry to resurrect an old thread - but has there been any improvements on the LDAP search? I cannot customise the ldapsearch plugin fields - I need to include a Surname search field.