Left Click doesn't work - SPARK

Dear Community,

I have a weird Problem with Spark on only 1 of 150 Clients.

A colleague calls me, because she said her Spark was frozen.

So i decided to try to fix the Problem (I’m the IT Admin^^).

Spark was started normally on the PC, but there was the Problem i could not click the contacts on the list. It seems it was frozen, but it wasn’t.

If someone wrote her, the Chat Window opens normally and she could wrote a message.

I decided to upgrade Spark from 2.6.3 to the newest Version 2.7.1. After starting the Install File i had no chance to click with the mouse on the buttons (like next) of the installation tool.

So i had to try it withe the keyboard with TAB and SPACE. That was no Problem. After Installation Spark I logged in and there was again the same problem. I can not click withe the Mouse on anything of Spark (Like the left Mouse Button has no function).

I tried it with the normal version of Spark and the Version without Java. ,

  • Windows 7 Pro 64bit

I don’t know where the Problem ist.

Please help me.