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Legacy SSL

Hy Guys!

I know a lot of topics of this has been created, but i am not the best in changing stuff in api’s…


This is the Patch but how do i import Patches to my Projects?

I am using Eclipse.

For what?

I am trying to write an little Chat Client for the League of Legends Comunity which don’t want give up Linux only to stay in contact which some of the LoL Friends.

I hope you can help me

You apply patches under linux with the ‘patch’ command. I am sure google will help you there.

But the more important questions is: Why the hell do you want to use legacy SSL? IIRC it’s depreciated by the latest RFCs and even years ago most servers had support for TLS/SASL. Which is what you usually want to use and what SMACK is able to speak.

I am trying to create an Chat Client for the LoL (League of Legends) Server.

They only “understand” the Legacy SSL connection type.