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LibJingle and voice?

OK, based on a post from later ''04 I noted that there were no voice plans at the time, the reason given being that this was IM only and not VOIP.

Is there any repentance on that notion in view not only of the way the market has played out, but in view of the availability of:



Just wondering!


http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/click.jspa?searchID=85612&messageID=108955 is what you were looking for.

"We definitely want to support Jingle in both Wildfire and Spark. We may be able to use libjingle in Spark, but it’‘s not clear to us yet what we’'re going to need to do in the server.



Thanks much. Missed that post.

Definitely looking forward to this.

Google’‘s Jingle incarnation is pretty good, as we all know. Last summer, sitting on the porch using just my notebook’'s built-in mic, I had a conversant remark that he could hear a bird – a bird that was twittering on another porch three houses down our block.

Great stuff!