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License for Spark


I’m evaluating spark at the moment. The license states that it includes icons that are free for non-commercial use. It is unclear to me what this means. Can I or can I not use spark for commercial use as a result of this license? It’s my understanding that spark itself is a non-commercial project and is therefore granted a license to freely redistribute the icons as part of the project, I should therefore be free to use spark for commercial purposes. Is this correct or is spark a product that can be used for non-commercial purposes only as a result of using these icons?


I think that depends on how you are going to use it commercially. If you only going to install it for your users, then it should be fine. If you plan to modify the client and sell it for your customers with these icons included, then i think it is not fine. But I’m not a lawyer :slight_smile:

ok thanks for the quick reply, that was my interpretation too.

any plans to switch the icons out for something open? there are loads of icon packs out there these days that are released under apache licenses.


No plans really. There are a lot of other pressing things and no developers. And icons are fine for most users.