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License question


I have a question about the licensing.

we’'re just starting an open source ERP + CRM project in germany

and one of our features will be the integration of social software.

our project will be licensed using the Eclipse Public License (EPL).

the OSS project is based on eclipse plugin technology and the

eclipse RCP (rich client platform)

our customers will be small and medium sizred companies and

parallel to the open source project there will be a commercial

company to give warranty and support to the customers.

we want to use the Jive Messenger as XMPP server and so we

want to give the binary unmodified version to our customers.

is this allowed ?

because we’'re using the EPL we cannot use the GPL for our own


for the eclipse RCP clients we can use the smack API, but we

want to ship the Jive Messenger as server, too.

thanks for information and clarification.




All licensing questions can be sent to Jive Software using the contact info at http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/messenger.

Because Smack is available under the Apache license, you should have no problems using it in your platform. Jive Messenger under the GPL could pose problems, but we may be able to work with you on figuring a good licensing strategy (see above link).