License related question : Sun Microsystem copyright notices in Openfire


we would like to use Openfire in one of our commercial products and I have a license related question.

We did a clearing of the source code, i.e. we scanned the whole source code to check which other licenses apart from Apache 2.0 are included and found several files with a Sun Microsystems copyright notices and some legal text. Please see attached file : javaee_web_services_client_1_2.xsd

There are more files containing this header.

It says that you are not allowed to use these files without prior written authorization of Sun, which in fact is not possible.

It says something about restricted license conditions for use, copying, distribution & decompilation, but in fact there are no further details and no license conditions given.

How to deal with this ?

Can we use Openfire without infringing copyright law ?

Your advice is pretty much appreciated.


Andrea (2729 Bytes)

you have to draw a distinction between the main openfire source code and plugins. a plugin can have a more restrictive license than apache 2.0 in openfire. In such cases, remove the plugin if the license is incompatible with your policies or find a compatible alternative

Hi Dele,

thanks for your prompt answer.

I’m not talking about plugins. I’m talking about \openfire_src_3_9_3\openfire_src\build\lib\dist\servlet.jar.

Most files in javax\servlet\resources contain the Sun Microsystem copyright header.

I guess this belongs to the main openfire source code, doesn’t it ?