Licensing - dual license dosn't exists any more?

Hi All,

I would like to package OpenFire in my Commercial product…

Is this possible?

I’ve asked support and they replied:

I am sorry to say that we no longer sell or support this
software commercially.
Openfire is now entirely open source, and is free for
download via our Ignite Realtime website:

If you have any further questions regarding implementation or use of Openfire,
please post them on our Ignite online community here:

Does this mean that the license is only GPL ???

If I would like to package it into my software, should I use another XMPP software?




Openfire 3.7.0 is APL 2.0 I believe. I thought this made it easier for commercial folks to use verus GPL. I am not a lawyer.


As was pointed out, it was changed to Apache 2.0 under this task OF-65.