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Licensing Question/Verification

Hi, hopefully a straight forward question on using the openfire gpl’d server

I am building under contract a client (integrated with some existing applications) that uses XMPP. We plan on testing against a couple of XMPP servers and are not doing anything specific to any server, just XMPP.

The customer may use openfire under GPL, its thier choice, we’ve been asked to make sure they have multiple choices. They may upgrade later for performance,support, scaling reasons and like having that path available.

So, we have no direct interfaces to openfire, in my code, we are using open protocols, have no ‘smenatics’ or specifics to the gpl product, and we ar enot dependent on it to have our product work.

I don’t want to release my client under GPL and given the integration with legacy applications, can’t

Now what I’m not looking for is opinions on GPL and derived works. What matters here is the opinion of the openfire copyright holder. I would love to hear from the openfire team, support, or even legal if they consider our implementation a derived work under GPL and if its the kind of implementation they would seek to enforce the GPL derived work/viral aspects.

What might also be useful, sans any communication from openfire, is any known implementations like this proprietary client ->XMPP -> GPL openfire


If this is the wrong subject area/forum for htis question please le tme know

Hi Allan,

if I understand you right you do not use any Openfire, Spark or Smack source code. So there should be no licensing issues between you and Jivesoftware.

Using the same protocol does usually not mean to use the same license as other products.