Limit groups to each other?


We’ve got OpenFire installed and running perfectly against our 2003 active directory. Users and groups are working as I expect, however, I have a question about limiting group rights.

Is it possible to limit a group to only be able to IM other members of that group, but not anyone else signed into the server? So if I made a group called HR, and it has 5 people in it, they can see each other on the rosters, and IM each other, but they cannot see or IM anyone else on the server?

Our uppity-ups want to keep the chat to within the deparments and not just let anyone chat to anyone else.


Share the groups to auto populate the rosters as you want them. Install the subrcription plugin and set it to reject all. Maybe install the packet filter to add extra filtering to ensure chat lock down.

Thank you Todd, that makes perfect sense!