Limit number of messages per minute

Openfire ans Spark has been a godsend in my organization however, some user are abusing the ease of using it and are, well using it a bit too much. Managemant would like to see if the number of messages per minute can be set. This will in part impeed users of wasting too much time chatting and not working

I would like to know it anyone knows of a way to do this in Spark or Openfire. The ideal solution wiould be to limit the user form writing more than 10 mesages in total to different users in a minute.

Anything can be done by programming. So you have to hire a programmer, who will delve into Openfire code and create a plugin for you.

I understand the concern of your management and I am actually considering to spend some effort in a similar solution. Blocking message frequency my not be a simple thing, but sending server broadcasts to users is possible. I am considering a plugin that sends out a message to the chat partners, if the number of exchanged messages is above a certain number. E.g. if the session has more than 50 messages, the server would send: “Maybe you get a more effective conversation over the phone? You have exchanged more than 50 messages with each other”. I can not comment about the availavbility date for that plugin, but it will be in Q4.

You may want to know that 2.6.3 has file transfer volume limitations (as an option). We had users exchanging DVD images with each other…

Try the Raptor Plugin. The format is a little bit complicated at first, but works perfectly fine for us.