Limit of the embedded DB


I just installed openfire and i’m using the embedded DB from openfire. Now i just want to know how many Users can this DB handle? are there any Limits?



no limits?

The embedded database is not really meant for high volume usage. I used it with several hundred users already with no degredation in performance. If you are going to have even higher volumes I would move to MySQL.

okay thanks mtstravel.

We also will have several hundreds of users. For this i will use the embedded database.

Its 1000 users Limit …

My organization is more than 1000 users, so i use mySQL database

sorry, its not like that …

The embedded database is not limited to 1000 users. It should not be used in a large scale production server though. This is not its intended use. You are much better off with MySQL or some other supported external SQL.

I would not use the embedded database. It is very limiting. I switched to MySQL after a short while to ensure more efficient backups, data editing, etc.