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Limit user roster access / contact list


I was wondering if somebody can point me in the right direction. We run openfire at work for internal IM-ing. However some users are abusing it for non-work related conversations. I mean talking for 2 hours about weekends and stuff is not a friendly conversation, that appropriate. I was wondering id there is a way to limit user access from one group - i.e. Shipping to another group i.e. Accounting. There is no work related reason they should be talking to each other, however both of these groups need to be accessable and to be able to access IT department and Customer Service Group. So just delisting groups from the roster is not an option. I was trying to figure out a way to do it. Active Directory is used for Authentication.

Thank you

Hi Nick

You can use or Packet Filter Rules (Server -> Server Setup -> Packet Filter Rules) or user Roster (Users/Groups -> click user -> Roster).

You can limit with who or what groups that the users or groups can chat.


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