Limited admin rights, is it possible?

I’'ve just set up a production Wildfire 2.6.2 server in my environment and so far things are looking realy good.

At the present time, I have configured 2 accounts with admin rights to the web admin interface. One is for myself (admin) and the other is for my Help Desk group to use to service password resets and modify chat rooms if necessary.

Is there any way for me to limit the things that my secondary account can do? For example, they accidentally changed the chat room service name yesterday and this wreaked all kinds of havoc with the server until I figured out what changed and I changed it back.

I’'d appreciate any suggestions you may have, or a simple “no, this is not possible”.

Hi Patrick,

Currently role-based permissions to the Admin Console is not possible. Please see this thread for a bit more info.

Hope that helps,



if you are familar with Apache and mod_proxy, _rewrite etc. you may be able to rewrite just some URL’'s depending on the client IP address or a .htaccess file or something like this. It would be not a nice solution but if you need one then you could do it.


Thanks for the info guys. This is what I thought that the answer was, but wanted to confirm. Obviously that would be a future feature that I would love to see. I read the other thread and see that it’'s something under consideration, but not yet a priority.

Thanks again for responding.

The apache thoughts are interesting, but overall I don’‘t wnat to create more problems with the interface by the Help Desk not having access to the things they need access to. I’'m hoping our problems will be few and far between.