Limiting client im connections form same ip


is it possible to stop users connecting to the wildfire server at the same time with different IM clients e.g GAIM, SPARK etc…


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If what you mean is to control users login with the same “resource name”, then you can set your policy from the admin console Server->Server Settings->Resource Policy.

If what you mean is to limit IM connections from the same IP, then that’‘s not probably what you want to do because, your users might be connecting through a proxy or carrying a masquerading IP. In those cases, they all have the same IP even though they connect from different computers. BTW, as far as I know, there’'s no means of setting one connection per IP in Wildfire.

It seems that this method doesn’'t work.

I set the Resource Policy to Always Kick, but I can still login with Pandion and Exodus.

So in my buddies’’ roster, there’'re 2 brooms there.

If you install Wildfire Enterprise plug-in

You noticed inside Client Management there are* Permitted Clients* functions which you can used to block unwanted jabber clients.

I hope this may solve your prob