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Links insertion and RTE input field size

Probably after the upgrade to 3.0.5 SBS it’s now not always converting text links that i insert in RTE. Also can this text input box resizing remember the size i’m setting??? I’m tired to drag this box all the time. It’s either too small, or too large.

Somthing is really broken with this release. It often doesnt convert JIRA links or URL links. Check my reply here, it’s all in plain text (at least at the time i’m posting this) http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/193911

The URL link conversion bug was identified and fixed for this upcoming patch release. However, I was not able to reproduce the RTE editor size issue.

Well. Sometimes it seems to work ok. But i have just tried. I have made text input box wider and then opened this thread again and pressed Reply. Input box height was as i have dragged it minute ago (though i havent measured it precisely). Everything’s fine. Then i try to make it smaller and drag upwards leaving ~8 lines to input. Then i navigate away again and get back and press Reply and the input box for some reason has only 1 line height. Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1. Windows XP SP3.

meganc wrote:

The URL link conversion bug was identified and fixed for this upcoming patch release.
When will this patch release come out? Also, it seems affecting the automatic JIRA ticket coversion to link too.

I’m following up on this issue and I’ll post back when I have the solution. In short though, it was likely fixed in 3.0.6 or is coming in 3.0.7. Either way, we should be able to upgrade in about one week.

I’ve updated the community SBS software to 3.0.7… would love to hear feedback if this has helped to resolve the bugs you found.


Ok, link insertion seems to work fine, though RTE input field size saving is not working ideally for me. Sometimes ok, sometimes wrong.