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Linux applications hang while establishing SSL connections to Openfire

I have a problem with SSL in Openfire - Linux jabber clients hang while trying to establish SSL connections, same with any web browser and SSL-enabled admin console.

Problem appeared after one of upgrades in 3.4 series - I’m not certain which one.

The strangest thing in it is that all issues above are nonexistent under Windows…

Anyone experiencing similar behavior or it’s only an isolated case?




you may have a problem with with “/dev/random” or “/dev/urandom” - take a look at http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/163505#163505 .


Hmm, that did not help even a little bit…

It’s strange that SSL on port 5223 works with Imcom and Kopete… admin console on 9091 hangs, also none of clients I tried is able to establish TLS connection (they seem to hang on TLS handshake)



Now I just don’t get it, plain and simple. Admin console at port 9091 works under Opera.

S’pose I need a nice, neat “emerge -e system” and “emerge -e world” O.o