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Linux (CentOS) server application keeps crashing

I have attached the log files that appear pertinent; we keep having the application quit on us and we can’t figure out why.

Can somebody give me an idea of what my next steps should be for troubleshooting? Is there more information that would be helpful?



The jre with the current version of OpenFire is - and it looks like you are using a 1.6.* version. 3.9.0 might possibly require a 1.7 JRE to work.

You should grab the .rpm of 3.9.0, and use rpm -Uvf to update your currently installed OpenFire, and that would probably fix your segfaults…

I glanced over the logs and didn’t see anything glaring. Are you able to observe the memory usage before the crash? I have you tried doubling the allocation and see if it crashes?

You won’t be able to use 64bit JVM as it appears your machine is 32bit.