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Linux Client

Before I ask, I just want to say, Damn good software.

I’‘ve been very, very happy with spark. Now, for my question - Any word on the linux client release date/time frame? I’‘ve got a pretty heavy mixed Windows/Linux environment and am looking at clients that are cross platform, and just work like spark does before doing a large roll out. (differnet GUI’'s are not fun with end users)

Sorry for the begging question, but with good stuff like this I just had to ask.


Hey Stray,

The linux client is due out on Feb.7th. Thanks for the kind words.


Sweet deal, you just made my morning Derek.

Also, I’'m not sure what installers you are creating, but I hope there is both an rpm and a deb package. Also, an installer for Solaris 10 would be super awesome.

Well actually, we just finished up the Linux client and to make it more universal, it’‘s a .tar.gz. I’'ve been doing all my testing on Debian and Spark looks great.


Awesome, that’'s great. I look forward to running it on both Linux and Solaris.

Excellent! I have been waiting for this…

TOday is 7th/february… WERE IS THE LINUX CLIENT?

Its like 8am dude, take a pill, relax. These guys are good, but they need their sleep as well

Just have to be patient, I’‘m sure they’‘ll get it out by the end of the day. I was the same way with the 1.02 or whatever release that fixed the GAIM problems. I just kept clicking refresh all day long until finally right before I left from work. The update showed up. It’'s good to actually be that excited about a product though.


If you’‘ve been testing on Debian, will you make the finished product available in the Debian repository. Not that I’'m (too) lazy, but then I could use apt to add Spark to my SimplyMepis desktop


Hey guys,

Shoot! We probably should have updated this thread. As reported in last week’'s developer chat, the Spark 1.1 release was pushed back until the 9th.



Good software like this is worth the wait for an extra few days.

Much luck and a hope of a great release.

Since they’‘re releasing it as a tar.gz file, I’‘m sure somebody will make a debian package and somebody will make an rpm as well. I’'ll learn how to do it if I have to. It would probably be a good skill to have.


I can’'t imagine that a .tar.gz file will be available because of the EULA problematic. For Windows only installers are available, so maybe a .bin file will be released.


At the moment, it will indeed only be a tar.gz. We’'d like to have RPM and Debian packages available in the future, but need to figure out the right way to create them first.



This is the new age, you might want to check out alien for converting to all of these requested formats: http://www.kitenet.net/programs/alien/

Alien is a sweet little tool that will take quite a few package types and convert it into a format that works for anyone. For example, it can convert a tgz to an rpm or an rpm into a deb. It’‘s not perfect, and sometimes a little limited, but for linux distro’'s it works fairly well.

I’'ve seen it used in build scripts so when the builds done, it breaks it out into packages for each distro.

Good luck!

Alien! Of course!

Sweet, just saw that there’'s no more open issues on 1.1. Really looking forward to trying out the Linux version tomorrow.